Kusadasi Transfers - Terms & Conditions

Turkiye Located Travel Services, Terms & Conditions.

Holidays Abroad LTD ,addressed as B1 Business Centre, Suite 206, Davyfield Road, Blackburn, Lancashire,England, BB1 2QY  acts as the booking agent for third party transport providers.The contract for the provision of transport service between you and the transport provider.

a)      Please read this terms & conditions as they are very important information about your rights & obligations before making any booking.

b)      Our website: is the online travel shop where you can book your airport transfers from or to any specific airport or holiday resort or the resorts advertised on the website.

c)       Please be aware of that all the content on our website can be booked by only users aged 18 and above or by their supervising parents or by a family member.

d)      All the flight details has to be given at the time of booking otherwise Transfer4cheap.com or its sister websites can NOT be hold responsible for the fail of the service. As we do try to contact you when we realise there is an error about the info provided by you, still not an obligation for us.

e)      We are entitled to refuse any bookings placed by you.If your booking is accepted, you will be notified with a STATUS:CONFIRMED transfer voucher sent to the email address you provided when booking.

f)       HolidayHoppa.com and its sister websites , holds a none delay charge policy for the flight delays of up to 10 hours, if your flight is delayed for more than 10 hours, the transfer & airport operation plans will be checked and you might be asked for a local charge.

g)      Shuttle Bus / Hoppa Bus transfers operates from / to revelant airports & resorts advertised on the webiste, shuttle busses are shared busses and it means the bus is shared with other people, As much as we try to serve door to door shuttle bus services in some case it may not be possible because of the road blockings , local festivals etc.in that case you will be dropped off in the nearest certain point to your place. Shuttle Busses will operate door to door for the private villas / accommodation / flats if you accept to be dropped off by a certain point and picked up from the same point. Shuttle busses are the cheap option to arrive your destination / hotel in smooth way, but there might be maximum waiting time of 1 hour after your approach to our airport representative.The luggage allowance on the shuttle bus transfers are exactly as same as the flight luggage allowance, a person is allowed to have a standard size of luggage plus a hand luggage, any excess luggage can be carried at the discretion of the airport controller / driver and this may be subject to extra charge which you will be liable at the time.When loading your luggage onto the shuttle bus, you need to supervise and ensure that all of your luggage is loaded on the bus, luggage is tottally your responsiblety, we will not be hold liable for any luggage loss, damage etc.Departure pick ups with the shuttle transfer service requires a departure pick up time confirmation phone call to the local offices which all the contact details are provided on the STATUS:CONFIRMED transfer voucher which is emailed to the email address that you provide at the time of the booking, after the booking, as the pick up times can be set to an earlier or late time as an operational need locally.Failure to confirm the departure pick up time may cause the transfer bus not coming your accommodation to pick you up on your departure from your holiday resort / destination resort.  Luggage procedures are as same as the arrivals for the departures. We do provide none-stop journies that means there is no refreshment stops enroute, but refreshment stops can take place if there is an emergency or the majority of the shuttle bus travellers agree to stop. There might be stops because of operation needs ie, meeting with feeder travellers etc.

h)      Private Transfers are provided to the parties who book it and there is no other people sharing the same transport. As it is stated as PRIVATE that means the booked transport is just going to cater the party who booked it and one private booking is only valid for one booking / refrence number. Luggage allowance is as same as the flight luggage allowance plus as much as the private transport can cater. Private transfers provide Door to Door service, available for Hotels / Apartments/ private accommodation / villa etc as long as the proper address is provided at the time of the booking. When a private transfer type is booked that means the travel is going to be provided for only the party who booked the transfer. In some cases we may not be able to find the exact size of the transport and provide a size bigger transport but the price will definitely remain the same even though the size of the transport is bigger. Ie: Private taxi transfer may be booked but we may provide a 6 seater minibus.

i)        We have used our best efforts to ensure that our web site complies with TURKIYE laws. However, we cannot confirm that the Services or the materials on our web site are appropriate or available for use in locations outside of  TURKIYE. To the extent that local laws override any provision of these terms and conditions, the relevant provision shall be deemed amended to comply with such law or, to the extent that such amendment is not possible, the provision shall be deemed stricken and the remaining provisions shall continue with full effect.

j)        The Services are provided according to the information given by you at the time of the booking, we can not be held responsible for the failure of the service because of the lack of information provided by you. If there is any additional information that you would like to provide please put it into the field where its asked on the website. if you have any notes regarding to the booking ,please put it in, on the booking summary page. If you are a registered user of our website and you would like to book a transfer service for someone else, please do not forget to provide the actual travellers names as the names will be checked with the hotelliers on the departure pick ups from the hotels / apartments etc.

k)      We do accept two types of payments, a ) Pay on Arrival, If this type of payment is selected, you will be asked to maket he full payment on your arrival at your destination airport in cash in Sterlings ( British Pounds ), or in Euros or  local currency can be accepted but then the local Exchange rates will be involved. B ) Card Payments, You can pay by your Visa, Master,Electron,Maestro,Switch, Solo,Amex, Paypal Account, Paypal E-Cheque via Paypal the 100 % secure web payments company. If you do not have Paypal account yourself, it is not needed, You can make your payment without a Paypal account. There might be a card payment charge applicable if advertised on the website.

l)        All the Departure pick up times HAS TO BE RE-CONFIRMED with the local offices 24 hours prior to the departure. In some resorts, the sms text info service available and it is informed on the STATUS:CONFIRMED transfer voucher. If the sms text info service is available, your confirmed pick up time will be texted to your mobile phone number which you provide at the time of booking, in some cases some mobile operators may fail to operate in your destination country so you will not be able to receive your confirmation text, then it needs to be confirmed by you via telephone call to the local Office which all the contact details are given on the SATATUS:CONFIRMED transfer voucher.If the departure pick up time is not confirmed with the local offices,we can not guarantee that the service will be provided and we will not be liable for any losses or any additional costs you may incur.

m)    If the Service delivered is not what you ordered or is not performed with reasonable skill and care, we will refund to you the price paid and, if the Service is not performed at all, we will refund to you, your reasonable costs incurred due to the failure.

n)      If you have any service issues or any problem to report please email them to info@transfers4cheap.com We will endeavor to resolve all service issues within 28 days of notification.

o)      You need to travel with your STATUS:CONFIRMED transfer voucher which has all the necessary information and airport instructions plus the local Office contact details plus emergency numbers plus your estimated departure pick up time. We will not be liable for any loss or additional costs may incur because of this problem.

p)      If your flight / travel details change, you can update your booking and amend your arrival or departure transfers up to 24 hours prior to the arrival or the departure, in the case of travel details change , you have to email us at info@transfers4cheap.com to inform or if it is within the 24 hours you can call us on 0208 1447644 ( Uk ).

q)      We do reserve the right to charge a 20 Gbp of administration fee at any time to the departure or arrival incase of any missleads or information mistakes made by you to amend the booking.

r)       You may cancell your booking at any time , The cancellation fee of 30% will be charged for the cancellations made with in the 7 days of the travel and the rest of the monies will be refunded.Cancellations made outside the last 7 days to the travel will be refunded minus the card transaction fees.

s)       Our Services can be booked by anyone from any country, but the SHUTTLE BUS Services are only performed to the flights from or to the United Kingdom, Private transfers can be booked for the flights from or to all countries. Even the shuttle bus is booked for other country flights than the Uk flights, it will not be performed and you will be notified with an email by our system.Depending on the numbers sometimes the shuttle bus transfers may be performed for other country flights aswell, but then you would be informed and emailed your STATUS:CONFIRMED transfer voucher.

s1) Special requests at no cost can be made by filling the note sections of the bookings where it will be displayed on the bookings details entry page, but requests doesnt mean 100% confirmed, we do our best to provide the special requests in some cases special requests may not be provided, the special requests on extra charge will be confirmed and provided.

t)       Incase of accidents on the journies with the transport provided by us, you are insured as much as that transport insurance states, all the details can be found on the transport insurance papers which they are all being carried on the transports all the time and can be shown upon your request by the driver or the airport rep/controller. Incase of injury because of the accident, you are insured and the medical help will be provided by the insurance company that insured the transfer vehicle that your transfer is being operated on.If there is NO injury caused because of the accident, the alternative transport will be arranged to take you from the area where the accident took place for you to be taken to your resort/hotel or airport as soon as possible.

u)      We will use all reasonable efforts to provide an on-time transfer Services with the information stated on your status:confirmed transfer voucher plus the information was given by the local Office( departure confirmation ) However, we will not be liable for any loss or costs you suffer or incur through any reasonable or unavoidable delays and it is your responsibility to ensure that you book the taxi to collect you in time. We will not be responsible for any losses you suffer (including for example any missed flight) due to your failure to allow sufficient time for your journey.

v) If you need information or you need to contact us when you are in resort ( in your holiday resort ) , you may use the numbers given on your voucher for the local office, but if the booking is made long time in advance or there is long time gap between the arrival and departure, the numbers on the voucher may change as we may change the local companies we work with, inca the numbers change, all the accurate and correct local contact numbers are advetised on our website , under the contact us tab.

y)      Pay On arrivals; Once you select to pay on arrival, you will be asked to make the payment on your ARRIVAL to your destination airport and it will have to be the full amount on your arrival. It wouldnt be half payment for your arrival and the other half on your departure. You can pay in Sterlings ( British Pounds ) or in Euros or in the local currency but if you choose to pay in the local currency there will be the Exchange rates involved and you will be charged the equvallent amount of money in the local currency of what the amount is in British Pounds.

If you book a transfer online or on the phone or via email or our online help system or online msn help section, they are all classed as you booked them on our website and you accept the Therms & Conditions. If you do not turn up for your pay on arrival transfer we do hold every right to take the legal action to claim the loss from you.

z)      Cancellations & Amendments; Cancellations made up to 72 hours prior to your first service date are accepted with 20% cancellation fee and the rest of your money would be paid back to you. Cancellations made upto 73 hours or more prior to your first service date are accepted without any charge. Amendments can be made to a reservation upto 48 hours prior to the first service date and Transfer4cheap.com and its sister websites hold the right to charge 20 Gbp per amendment.This does not mean we will charge you for all of the amendments, we try our best to Not charge you any edditional costs apart from your transfer cost. Cancellations made within the 71 hours and 48 hours are accepted with 50% cancellation fee and for the cancellations less than 48 hours of notice, no refund will be made, unless it is announced on the websites.

a1)      No-Show; If you do not turn up for your transfer that means you are no show and no refund will be given to no show clients as we do provide the promised service but you could not have been found. If you arrive and can not see anyone from our company / local agent / airport controller / driver / airport rep, remember to call the local emergency number to check. The local emergency numbers vary for all resorts / countries and the correct one is always written on your STATUS:CONFIRMED transfer voucher.

A2)   Insurance; You are insured when you are travelling with us during the transfer, it doesnt mean it is your holiday insurance, however it is strongly recommended that you book / buy your own holiday insurance as the insurance we do provide is ONLY VALID for your transfers.

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